Curriculum Vitae

Areas of competence

  • Hebrew Bible
  • Corpus-based language learning
  • Persuasive technology
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Role and Reference Grammar
  • Law in the Pentateuch
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Psalms


My research focuses on design of language learning for corpus-linguistic technology, using the database of the Hebrew Bible developed at the Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer at the VU University in Amsterdam. I have for a decade coordinated the development of Bible Online Learner. Since my dissertation I have worked with the functional linguistic theory of Role and Reference Grammar, applying the theory to Biblical Hebrew and exploring to how a database can be used for interpretation of Biblical texts. I have been involved in translating books of the Hebrew Bible into Danish.

For 2020 I continue to develop course design for corpus-driven Biblical Hebrew and currently work on syntactic and discourse-pragmatic content for teaching and learning, and how to enhance Biblical interpretation through the Hebrew Bible. I also study online Hebrew learning performance. I am currently also exploring functional equivalence in relation to Bibelen 2020.

For research, I plan in 2021 to continue to work on the project Role and Reference Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (RRG-BH) at the Heinrich Heine Universitetet i Düsseldorf ( PhD candidate Christian Canu Højgaard and I are building a unique collection of online sentences for machine learning and corpus grammar at We plan co-authoring a RRG presentation for Biblical Hebrew.

Reported production

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