Areas of competence

Hebrew Bible
Ancient near Eastern (including Biblical) historiography
Ancient near Eastern (including Biblical) creation theology
Ancient Israel’s history
The Primeval history in Genesis 1-11
The Book of Kings
The book of Isaiah
The book of Psalms
Cultural memory
Learning technology


Apart from keeping up with new research necessary for teaching introductory and exegetic courses, my research specializes on Cultural Memory and ancient Near Eastern historiography and creation texts, including ancient Israel’s history and Old Testament creation theology. The results of my research have been presented at the Annual Meetings of Evangelical Theological Society and Society of Biblical Literature, and in scientific journals, anthologies, and monographs. A particular focus in my current research is the image of God and its importance for our understanding of human dignity and values in church and society. Since the fall of 2016, I have been part of the Carl F. Henry Center’s Creation Project at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago.

Reported production

All production reported to the Current Research Information System (CRISTIN) in Norway