Bible, Ministry and Mission, One year programme, 1 year

Study background

Bible, Ministry and Mission is offered es either a one-year programme or a bachelor’s degree and is aimed to equip students to serve in their local church and to do missionary work. This goal is achieved by giving the student a basic introduction to the Bible, Christian faith and service so that one can convey the Christian faith in churches both in Norway and around the world. Applicants need Higher Education Entrance Qualification in order to be admitted. For applicants with foreign education, the requirements are specified in the GSU-list.

Programme structure:
Second semester, springBMM1003 Christian Beliefs and Ethics
(10 ECTS)
BMM1004 Practical Theology
(10 ECTS)
BMM1006 Biblical Exegesis and Exposition
(10 ECTS)
First semester, autumnBMM1001 Introduction to the Bible
(10 ECTS)
BMM1002 Church History and Christian Churches
(10 ECTS)
BMM1005 Introduction to Missiology
(10 ECTS)

Studieplan for BMM engelsk V2021

The programme qualifies for both voluntary and paid work in Christian churches and organizations.

3000 kr per semester.