FIH is a research institution and thus provides tax deductions in addition to what you have given to non-profit voluntary organizations.

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Tax deductions are given for gifts to research institutions such as Fjellhaug International University College. Tax-free gifts to non-profit organizations are in addition to gifts for research. You can, for example, give to Norwegian Lutheran Mission and Fjellhaug International University College with a tax deduction. See section 6-50 of the Tax Act. The tax deduction is calculated separately for both gifts.

Both individuals and companies / enterprises can give tax-free gifts. There is no minimum limit, tax deduction is given from the first krone. If the gift is more than NOK 10,000, a deduction of up to ten percent of income is given. For example, if you earn NOK 400,000, you can receive a deduction of up to NOK 40,000. See section 6-42 of the Tax Act. section 6-42 of the Tax Act.

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