Dear international student

We warmly welcome you to a new semester at FIUC.

Once you have your admissions letter and have accepted your admission, you may start the process of acquiring a residence permit. For your deposit account, please follow the link below.

The Fall Semester 2020 will be carried out with face to face instruction on campus. Schedules may be found here.

Applications for residence permits are made to UDI, please see their page for the specific requirements. You will need to make a residence permit deposit account. Please follow the instructions in the guide below.

If you are staying for more than two semesters, you can open a Norwegian bank acccount and transfer your money there.

If you are not eligible to open a bank account, you can get a chargeable bank card from SiO.

The cards' functions

The cards are chargeable debit cards with BankAxept and a PIN code. The cards may be used for shopping and for withdrawing from ATMs, but cannot be used for online purchases.

This is how you get a card:

  • Send an e-mail to to get an appointment for collecting the card.
  • SiO gives out cards Wednesdays and Fridays between 13:00 and 15:00 o'clock.
  • SiO must have at least two days notice.
  • When getting a card (first time use), we will fill the card with kr 20 000,-.
  • The cards must be collected personally by arriving at SiO in Trimveien 4. If you are in quarantine, you must wait until the quarantine period is over before you can collect your card. Please contact the Student Councillor if this poses a problem for you.
  • You must bring your original passport when collecting the card.

When the balance on the card is spent, you may contact SiO on and ask to get the card filled with more money - minimum kr 5000,- as long as you still have money deposited with SiO.

Guide for residence permit deposit account

Fjellhaug is easy to reach by public transport, either via T-bane (subway) to Løren or Carl Berner, via tram (12 or 17) to Rosenhoff or bus (31 to Rosenhoff, 21 to Fougners Vei or 20 to Carl Berner). Please note that you are not allowed to travel to Campus during quarantine unless you live here. Please also note that all are encouraged to walk or bike instead of using public transportation. Please use the map to see if Campus is within walking or biking distance for you.

  1. Do you have a Feide user? Please move to the next point. New students must start by finding their student number and PIN. Log in to SøknadsWeb and go to your documents. Here you will find a letter with your PIN and student number. Go to the activation page and click "Activate account". Enter student number, PIN, and create a password. Read and accept IT regulations. Press OK. Now you need to wait over the next hour until you can log in to StudentWeb.
  2. Go to StudentWeb, log in and follow instructions in order to register. When you get your confirmation, go to More > Payments and press the button to make your invoice.
  3. Once the payment is registered (usually three days after the transfer from a Norwegian bank), you may use Feide to log in to Canvas. This is where you will find detailed information about courses and studies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.