Study theology in Oslo, Norway? Meet Jasmin, a student at Fjellhaug International University College

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Would you like to study theology and mission at a school wiht high levels of student satisfaction? At Fjellhaug International University College we offer both a Bachelor’s degree and a One-year programme in Bible, Ministry and Mission, and our scores for student satisfaction are among the best in Norway. Meet Jasmin, who is just over halfway in the One-year programme in Bible, Ministry and Mission.

Studying abroad
Jasmin moved from Miami, Florida to study at Fjellhaug International University College in Oslo, the capital of Norway. She applied to several Norwegian schools and found the staff at Fjellhaug quick to respond in the process of searching for information and applying. As the doors to Fjellhaug International University College opened for Jasmin, she decided to move all the way to Norway.
– Everyone were nice and helpful at Fjellhaug International University College, and the process went so fast, she shares with a smile.

Gaining Deeper Knowledge of Faith and Theology
At Fjellhaug International University College there is ample opportunity to develop your faith, both through your studies and through devotional life at the school. Fjellhaug has provided Jasmin with deeper theological knowledge, and the topics being taught have challenged her.
– I have more information and in-depth knowledge now. I believe the same things, but I see them in a different way, she shares.

Becoming Equipped to help others
In the future, Jasmin hopes to be able to influence people’s lives for the better, either in the business or mission field. She would like to work against injustice, and the diverse environment at Fjellhaug International University College is providing hands-on experience. The international programme has students from South Asia, North America, Africa and Europe.
– I learn a lot from the international friends I have in class from China, Germany and other countries. It prepares you for later as you get to know other people’s perspectives, Jasmin says.

Finding Friendships
Jasmin and her classmates also socialize outside lectures at FIUC. She shares that some of her classmates are among her close friends in Norway.
– We are a group of international students that go out to movies together, go shopping, and we are really good friends, Jasmin says with excitement.

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