The library supports the teaching and research of the staff, as well as the students with their studies at the college.

External users can also contact the library, preferably through interlibrary loan services among Norwegian libraries.

The library in Oslo uses the Mikromarc library system and has self-service lending. Search our collections in the library catalog/library database here.

The libraries in Aarhus and Copenhagen use the Reindex library system. Learn more about the library in Aarhus - and inCopenhagen.

The library in Oslo is normally staffed from Monday to Friday, 08:00-15:30. Outside of these hours, the library is accessible from Monday to Sunday, 08:00-22:00 during the academic year. It is closed during holidays.


Tlf. 46540036

Fjellhaug internasjonale Høgskole
Sinsenveien 15
0572 OSLO