Activating or resetting your password in Feide can be done here.

For first time activation, use activate account.

Reset password is used when the password is forgotten and you want to set a new password. Change password is used when you want to change your password.

Fill in the blanks below. Student number/username is found in StudentWeb. Pin is the same as the one received in StudentWeb. Mark! If you have changed the pin in StudentWeb you will have to use that one instead. Write your preferred password. Press ? to see what regulations you got when creating a new password. Remember to read the IT regulations and tick the box "I have read and accepted IT reglement". When all blank are filled and the checkbox ticked, press ok and the user will be activated within an hour if between 9 AM and 9 PM.

Your studentnumber is your username and the last password set on this site is your password to all services that utilizes Feide(StudentWeb, Canvas, Inspera).

NB! New usernames and password are activated with a routine which is running each hour from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM(21.00). Thus you will have to wait until the next hour before the change is through.

If you want to know which information that is registered on you in Feide go to This site can also be used to check if the login works if you get problems with another service that uses Feide as login. If this login works it is the other service that experiences problems.

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