Information on infection prevention

Updated January 18th, 2021.

All classes will be held online through January 31st 2021. Please note that campus is still open and you may use the library, study halls and study in classroms as well as take lunch in the dining hall as long as you follow the infection control measures.

All previous measures regarding distance, hygiene and staying at home when ill or quarantined are still in place. If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 (or quarantined during periods of on-campus classes), please contact Frank-Ole Thoresen or Marit Skinlo.

Face mask

Use of face mask is mandatory in common areas and going in and out of lectures. It is also mandatory in the dining hall when you are not sitting down to eat. Furthermore, we remind you of the required use of face mask on public transport.

In classrooms, group rooms and study halls we have put in place measures to maintain at least 1 m distance at all times. Thus you do not need to wear a face mask once you are seated. However, it is a common responsibility to maintain at least 1 m distance at all times.


All events, including Christmas dinner for students, are cancelled.

Devotionals will be held in Classroom four, with a limit of 20 attendees. Tell groups will go as planned, but with increased infection prevention measures.


Lectures in BMM-courses go as planned, but classes scheduled in the chapel will be moved to classroom four.

Life outside studies

We recommend students to stay in touch within the rules and regulations. Please think through whether you know of someone who might be lonely or alone. Could this person be one of your allowed contacts this week?

Are you anxious, lonely, insecure, need help or simply someone to talk to? We are here for you. Please get in touch with Sven Morten Kjølleberg or Aage Myksvoll. SiO also offers counselling and other health services to all our students.


Written exams originally scheduled on campus will be carried out as digital home exams with the same time limits and on the same date as listed in StudentWeb.


Students with a particular health risk should contact studieveileder to discuss accomodations.

If you are diagnoesed with Covid-19, please contact Frank-Ole Thoresen (rector) or Marit Skinlo (director).

  • Good hygiene
    • Thoroughly wash and disinfect your hands regularly
    • Refrain from touching your face.
    • Cough in your elbow or a tissue paper. Disinfect or wash your hands afterwords.
  • Maintain at least 1 m distance to everybody who are not your family or partner (boyfriend/girlfriend)
    • Avoid shaking hands, hugging or other forms of physical contact.
    • Avoid public transport, bike or walk if you are able to.
  • Stay at home if you are ill or in quarantine. Consult the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for guidance.

Stay up to date on local and national infection prevention measures.

Guests must register in the reception.

Hygiene in the classroom

  • Disinfect hands when entering and leaving the room
  • Maintain fixed seating, lecturers will make class maps
  • Each student disinfect the desk after the lecture