Bachelor Bible, Ministry and Mission, Bachelor, 3 år

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Study background

The Bachelor in Bible, Ministry and Mission aims to equip students to serve in their local church and/or to do missionary work. It qualifies for both voluntary and paid work in Christian churches and organizations.

After a foundation of introductory courses, the programme offers intermediate courses in Biblical Studies, Practical Theology, Missiology and Systematic Theology. Many of the courses will be interdisciplinary and study a topic from different perspectives (e.g. Biblical and Missiological). The Bachelor in Bible, Ministry and Mission may be incorporated into other types of education and may also be included in further studies within Christianity or theology.

Below is the recommended progression. All cources are 10 ECTS. Course descriptions are found in the programme description. Courses marked with * may be taught every other year.

Recommended progression

3. year, spring

BMM2001 Ministry*

Elective Course*

Elective Course*

3. year, autumn

BMM2003 Christian Preaching and Faith Education

BMM2004 Biblical Theology

BMM2005 Mission and Diakonia*

2. year, spring

BMM2002 Counselling and Spiritual Growth*

Elective Course*

Elective Course*

2. year, autumn

BMM1005 Introduction to Missiology

BMM1007 Comparative Religion

BMM2006 Atonement, Justification and the Christian Life*

1. year, spring

BMM1002 Church History and Christian Churches

BMM1006 Biblical Exegesis and Exposition

BMM1004 Practical Theology

1. year, autumn

BMM1001 Introduction to the Bible

EX1010 Examen Facultatum

BMM1003 Christian Beliefs and Ethics

Studieplan for Bachelor in Bible Ministry and Mission V2022

Studieplan for Bachelor in Bible Ministry and Mission H2021

Apply here; see instruction here.

How do I apply?

To register an application, please go to our local admission service and register an application. Select the Fall semester and register an application for Bible, Ministry and Mission. The application opens on Jan 1st and the deadline is March 1st.

What are the requirements?

The general basis for admission to universities and university colleges in Norway is called Higher Education Entrance Qualification. For applicants with foreign education, the requirements are specified in the GSU-list by NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education).

All required documents must be uploaded to your application

Students who complete the programme will be rewarded a Bachelor's degree in Bible, Ministry and Mission. This qualifies for both voluntary and paid work in Christian churches and organizations and may qualify for further studies.

Semester fee and student fee amounts to NOK 3600,- per semester. Please note that there is an expectation that students have access to personal computers.

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